A Darker Shade of Magic - CoverI am fascinated with the many worlds concept both in theoretical physics and fictional worlds. To read recently released paperback books (I usually buy used books released years ago), I picked up A Darker Shade of Magic. I wanted to know how the concept of parallel worlds is used in a fantasy setting. Previously, I read fantasy stories with only two worlds, the mundane and the magical. Now I get to read four worlds in one.

A Darker Shade of Magic is the first of a trilogy written by V.E. Schwab. This is my first book from her. This book was first released in 2015.

This is the story of Kell, one of the few remaining Antari. They are magicians that can traverse in between worlds. There are four worlds with one thing in common: all have a city named London. These Londons are designated by color: Gray, Red, White, and Black. Kell is from Red London. He grew up with the royal family but was not a part of it. He considers Prince Rhy, his brother. Officially, Kell is the ambassador to the White and Gray London. (Traveling to the Black London is forbidden.) Unofficially, he is a smuggler for items only found in other Londons. One day, he came across a dangerous artifact that, in the wrong hand, could be used to destroy the walls separating the Londons. He crosses paths with Lila, the pickpocket from Gray London, and together, they set things the right way.

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Kell is the best-written character. Other characters, including the antagonists, are not as much. I liked how the differences of the Londons were written. I, as the reader, can easily tell which London is which. The plot lines are tied in the end. I can end reading now or pick up the next books.

I recommend this book for those who like to mix and match their genres. I haven’t read the blurbs of the next books, but I will pick them up, but not anytime soon.

Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ™

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: https://promdigeek.blog/2017/08/15/review-a-darker-shade-of-magic-2015-by-v-e-schwab/

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