Oldest selfie: 2004 taken with my Palm Pilot

Oldest phone selfie: None of the pictures taken with my Pocket PC was backed-up. 😥

Oldest phone selfie (back up): 2012 taken with my Samsung GT phone.

Newest phone selfie: March 2021 taken with my Samsung A70 phone.

Originally tweeted by Ichi (Eric's Version) (@icheb) on 7 July 2021.

I made my first website in 1998. It is for the school publication and we also published the articles there. First in Geocities before moving on as a subsite of the school website. It was said that it was the first online student publication from a northern Luzon school.

Link to the blog mention for Lorma Highlights (haha, I remembered it differently)

The earliest archived version in the school’s server


I don’t think there’s an archive for the first Geocities version. We might have deleted it when we ported the site to the school server.

Originally tweeted by Ichi (Eric's Version) (@icheb) on 7 July 2021.