Replied to ♾️ 스노 (雪亮 Yuki) 🔏 🦣 ( (C.IM) -- There is also Ayala Museum, Makati City. There are different sections (free, and those with fees [different prices, too]). Camera/photography also depends on which collections are on display. The free section, it's always allowed. But, I'm not sure when it comes to photography sessions. But, I haven't seen them asking people to leave their DSLR cameras. Hmm, as for opening, if I remember correctly, only during weekdays. -- Museo ng Makati is another option. But I am not sure if it is open again. Last time I visited, I think 2017 or 2018, it was scheduled for renovation. The items on display there are mostly related to the history of Makati, and the surrounding areas. -- Quezon Memorial Museum. At the center of Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City. Last time I visited (2019), no camera restrictions or anything. Mostly about the President Manual L. Quezon, and World War II history (that are not in school books). If I remember correctly, they only open from Mondays to Thursdays. But do check, I haven't visited since 2020. Those are the ones I visited before where cameras are fine (except for some with restrictions on DSLR). Oh, the usual rule, no flashes or custom light sources. Hope it helps!

@youronlyone thanks for the recos. I just want to take pictures of the displays. If using cameras is problematic, I’ll just use my phone.