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to no one's surprise i have moved to librewolf

I also tried using LibreWolf on the office computer I use. I found out that cookies and login are not preserved. I will not worry that someone open my accounts if Iā€™m not there.


Jiko (@jikodesu@mastodon.social) (Mastodon)
Musk to charge Twitter users in the PH and NZ $0.75 and $0.85 per year to post on the platform. Will this cause another big migration to Mastodon, Bluesky and Threads? #Philippines #NewZealand #Asia #Twitter #SocialMedia #ElonMusk https://www.philstar.com/business/technology/2023/10/18/2304710/musks-x-begins-charging-some-new-users-basic-features-philippines-nz

For regular users, probably. For troll operators (which this scheme’s plans to deter), not so much. They are already on Twitter Blue.

Jiko (@jikodesu@mastodon.social) (Mastodon)
How many stickers have you put on your laptop? #Polls #Laptops #Stickers #Decoration #Poll #Survey [ ] 0 (zero) [ ] 1-2 [ ] 3-5 [ ] at least 6

Zero. Main reason, I feel like a minimalistic. Secondary reason, baka mapagkalamang cr/ypt/o bro.

fredc :mastodon: (@fredc@mastodon.online) (Mastodon)
I'm watching The Amazing Race 35x02 "You Don't See That at Home" https://trakt.tv/shows/the-amazing-race-2001/seasons/35/episodes/2 #TheAmazingRace #trakt

I usually root for the parent-child team and siblings team. For this season that would be Rob & Corey and I have to wait for a few more episodes if I should root for Greg & John or Liam & Yeremi.

https://twitter.com/IamHPositive/status/1698919414526353456 by Iam H. Positive (Twitter)

One of my biggest regrets is taking down my Iam H. Positive blog.

Lagi ko naaalala. Sana hindi ko na lang ni-take down just because of temporary fear. :'(

Have you tried looking for archived posts at the wayback machine? If dati siyang public, baka may ilang pages na available. https://archive.org/web/