by icheb ( (Twitter)

I was meaning to read the Expanse for this readathon but (like other book series that already adapted on other media) I have to watch at least one episode of the series first to get a feel of the story before diving in.

Finally started watching the Expanse.

How would u like to be woken up? β€” A gentle alarm with the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

What are your nervous habits? β€” I pace.

What website do you visit the most? β€” That would be Gmail, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. by CNN Philippines (Twitter)

MTRCB says it should be allowed to regulate contents of online streaming sites like Netflix since under the law, such materials should first be reviewed by the agency prior to distribution.

Their definition of streaming sites and movies is worrisome. Streaming sites can include YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok; vlogs can be called short documentary films. This can become PH internet censorship.