9-1-1 6x01 Let the Games Begin from Trakt
When a blimp suffers mechanical failure and its engine catches fire, Athena and the 118 must rescue victims both inside and outside a packed sports stadium. Bobby and Athena drop off May on her first day of college and discuss honeymoon plans, while Maddie and Chimney go to couple's therapy.

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Chicago P.D. 1x06 Conventions (II) from Trakt
Voight and Antonio enlist the help of agents at the Special Victims Unit in New York, Fin and Rollins, to help track down the culprit of a series of rape/murders. Burgess has an opportunity to prove herself to Intelligence. Elsewhere Lindsay enlists the help of Halstead to act as her date for her high school reunion to get back at an old rival. The crossover starts on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit S15E15 Comic Perversion (I).

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 15x15 Comic Perversion (I) from Trakt
Popular comedian Josh Galloway is faced with student protestors after a set at Tompkins Square University. Though Barba can't arrest him for speaking his mind, he charges the SVU to find proof that Galloway's actions reflect his words. Meanwhile, a detective from Chicago seeks help from the NYPD. The crossover continues on Chicago P.D. S1E06 Conventions (II).

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The Amazing Race 34x01 Many Firsts But Don't Be Last from Trakt
In the premiere episode, one winning tribe will earn supplies at the opening challenge while the remaining tribes must choose between a mental or physical challenge to earn their camp essentials.

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