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Internet Archive: “Late Friday, some of the world’s largest record labels, including Sony and Universal Music Group, filed a lawsuit against the Internet Archive and others for the Great 78 Project, a community effort for the preservation, research and discovery of 78 rpm records that are 70 to 120 years old … the Great 78 Project has been in operation since 2006 to bring free public access to a largely forgotten but culturally important medium.” https://blog.archive.org/2023/08/14/internet-archive-responds-to-recording-industry-lawsuit-targeting-obsolete-media/

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Don’t reply to anyone who just say “Hi” without including their question or what they need. It’s about time we normalize not wasting people’s time and stop unintentionally triggering anxieties. 💁🏻‍♂️

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You're entitled to your own opinions in your head. But if you choose to express them out loud, it's your responsibility to:

(1) Ground them in logic and facts
(2) Explain your reasoning to others
(3) Change them when better evidence emerges #WednesdayWisdom

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“Software engineering pro-tip: Do not, I repeat, do not deploy this week. That is how you end up debugging a critical issue from your parent's wifi in your old bedroom while your spouse hates you for abandoning them with your racist uncle.”