• It’s painfully slow how Kirk connected what Spock, Scotty, and Rand said. pic.twitter.com/GmGLIAampC
  • Why does the crew not have basic self-defense skills?
  • Does the Enterprise not have shuttles and must rely on the transporter instead?
  • Negative Kirk in eyeliner with exaggerated acting. pic.twitter.com/h8rzIH3cTx
  • “He’s dead, Jim.” pic.twitter.com/NrElm6tNRo
  • “Can half a man live?” –Positive Kirk to Negative Kirk
  • “I’ve seen a part of myself no man should ever see.” –Kirk

📺 watched [_Star Trek: Picard_ 2×01 “The Star Gazer”](https://trakt.tv/shows/star-trek-picard/seasons/2/episodes/1). The show will be pushing all the nostalgia buttons. And, I love it. 🖖

📺 watched [_Star Trek: Discovery_ 4×11 “Rosetta”](https://trakt.tv/shows/star-trek-discovery/seasons/4/episodes/11). While there is not much action in this episode, there is a spotlight on some of the secondary characters. 🖖