👨‍💻 says while trying to beat deadlines (self-imposed or otherwise), i am feeling wanderlust. i think i am on the verge of burn-out. 👉

👨‍💻 asks what is the difference between "solitude" and "loneliness"? [excluding spelling and word derivation of course] 👉

👨‍💻 says i need an extra source of income [that is not involving software development]. sigh. 👉

👨‍💻 is watching a cheesy *love* episode of tensou sentai goseiger. 👉

👨‍💻 says Hyde [to Eri]: I’m done with love. It is baffling to me. [Alata laughs] Alata [to Hyde]: You’ve never even been in… wp.me/pR74Z-U 👉