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Horoscope for: Thursday, June 01, 2006

Choose your words carefully, for it seems as if everything you say now has more impact on others than you intend. This can affect all parts of your life, but especially where there is love or attraction of any kind. Try to keep moving the energy into lighter places, but don’t avoid talking about what is important. Quick resolution is possible if you don’t attack anyone or engage in aggressive behavior.

I’m beginning to see the pattern here. Why is it that my recent horoscopes are months late?

Personal log, May 11, 2006

A friend of mine once said to me the following lines:

“My work is done. Don’t screw it up.”

I told him then that I will try. Now, I think I failed him. A part of me gave up already… but a part of me wants to reconsider. Talking about being conflicted! A group of friends might have sensed this and, without me talking details, they told me to think and reflect more about it.

I think they are right… I need more time to think.

Horoscope for: Friday, June 02, 2006

The tension eases and you may be looking for ways to enjoy yourself today, however there still may be unfinished emotional business that must come first. If you uncovered painful feelings yesterday, now it’s time to heal your wounds. On the other hand, if someone else was hurt in the process, soothing their pain with reassuring words makes everyone more relaxed.

Unfinished emotional business? Anong magagawa ko… Pag-iisipan ko na lang hanggang lumabas ang araw bukas. Yun lang naman ang pwede kong gawin ngayon eh.

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Horoscope for: Monday, June 05, 2006

Your life is revitalized, as if you are carrying an electrical charge. You could be charming enough to disarm an enemy or persuade a friend to do something outrageous with you. On the other hand, you can easily push it too far and pull in unexpected consequences. It’s better to express the instability instead of suppressing it and waiting for the lightning to strike you.

A horoscope for me, Ichibu, hehehe. If only I can drag Icheb or Fred out of work. I need not worry about pushing things too far, folks. I have Icheb here to keep me in check.

The Changing Man
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Horoscope for: Thursday, June 29, 2006

You may pretend that all is well — and on one level it is — but all is not as it seems. You are showing others your happy face now, yet could be avoiding the most important issues just because you can. Don’t take the easy way out; instead, have the courage to discuss what’s really on your mind.

I got the point.

Now… if only someone will notice… have the right mind to ask the correct questions… have the time to listen…

this is cross-posted at my LiveJournal. this post was inspired by a post by Penny.

many moons ago, a friend asked me to name three animals on top of my head. since i am always attracted to anything black or white or both, i named three black and white animals. she told me these three animals reflect a part or an aspect of me. she was a little bit vague on the explanations and interpretations so if you guys know something about this, share me your take.

the first animal i picked was the panda, my favorite land mammal (aside those animals that can be pets).

the second animal i picked was the orca, my favorite sea mammal. actually the dolphin family are my favorite sea mammals where the orca belong.

the third animal i picked was the penguin, my favorite bird.