Personal log, November 30, 2004 11:05 pm

I had a very distracting IM conversation with a friend of mine this afternoon. As much as I hate ambiguity, I just let this one pass. I was prompted to ask him what was the matter when he kept on changing his online status with some very intriguing lines. He always evades the subject. It seems like he doesn’t want anyone to get involved, and he explicitly said he doesn’t want me to get involved. He then gave me the address of a blog. He denies it was his, but the blogger’s profile tells otherwise. On the blog, there was a mention of relationships. I think that is what bothers him. If he would let me (but I guess he won’t), we can discuss it over a pancit bihon order. I may not give advice (because of my lack of experience), but at least there is someone he can talk to. But I still respect what he wants and do not want to get involved.

End log.

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