meet ichibu and chichibi

when icheb met dex and dierdre, ichibu and chichibi came out and play. to know how that went, ask for the transcript of VBYC Nov. 25, 2005 edition.

the following is my explanation as to who these personalities are and why.


J (6:48:19 PM): thanks po… ang kulit ha, patulan ba ang kahibangan ni dex? :))
I (6:48:50 PM): i need to vent my stress kasi.
J (6:50:46 PM): ah, of course…
J (6:51:41 PM): feel better?
I (6:52:31 PM): yeah. but those two personalities did become real at one time or another.
J (6:53:54 PM): :-O
I (6:54:22 PM): well… when poor icheb got too drunk.
J (6:56:35 PM): again — :-O
I (6:57:00 PM): you read that right.
J (7:10:10 PM): how intriguing… can i ask about them?
I (7:13:38 PM): there are two possible (but not limited to) personalities when i am drunk and my defenses and inhibitions are down:
I (7:13:41 PM): too assertive >> ichibu
I (7:13:55 PM): or too loud >> chichibi
J (7:16:10 PM): ok, i understand the loud personality… happens to a lot of people… but the assertive part…
J (7:16:10 PM): isn\’t that part of your normal self?
I (7:16:41 PM): that is not the normal me.
I (7:16:51 PM): OSG remember?
J (7:17:23 PM): ah, yes… almost forgot 😀
I (7:17:43 PM): unless provoked that is.
I (7:17:49 PM): or necessary.
J (7:19:50 PM): and are you provoked often?
I (7:20:26 PM): fortunately not that often.
J (7:21:42 PM): hmmm… can\’t imagine you getting provoked…
I (7:22:28 PM): you can\’t imagine the personalities fighting for dominance.
J (7:24:41 PM): and they only get to come out and play when you overindulge in alcohol… tsk, tsk too bad for them 🙂
I (7:25:03 PM): too bad for them.
I (7:25:44 PM): although recently, i\’m enjoying them (personalities) being harmonious with each other.
J (7:26:42 PM): oh? how come? what happened recently?
I (7:28:07 PM): more of like they are merging.
I (7:28:56 PM): what happened recently… i don\’t know.
I (7:29:00 PM): 😀
J (7:30:53 PM): ah okay… as long you\’re happy… all of you 😀
I (7:31:56 PM): hey, these personalities are still me. 😀

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the flight, the food, and the checkpoints

My work allows me to go to other places here in the Philippines. Last week, I went to General Santos City (GenSan in short) for a product demo on two sites and client support for another site. But the two-and-half-day trip is an odd one for me.

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new journal

I just had a new journal again. I think I have a habit of beginning something enthusiastically and then slowly dies out when time progresses. I know its a “very”, “very” (did I say “very”) bad thing to do but, hey, I can’t help it.

I will keep my more personal thoughts here that I plan to be just written in one or more sentences. If it covers two paragraphs or more, it will stay on Thought Patterns. Some other things like pictures and notes will stay at Icheb’s Padd. I am planning of putting yet another blog on blogspot regaring my work as a programmer. I’ll let you know if I had the time to do it.

If I didn’t post something for a few days, kulitin nyo ako sa text!

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The common people in the Federation

What would the common people in the Star Trek universe do? This is my take on the background of an Andorian raised by humans. This is a part of Research Station Canarvon, a pen-and-paper RPG for members of Via Astris. This is my first time to join an RPG.

Thanks to Burt for editing my character’s profile.

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He who was dunked

Me recovering from the dunk. Photo by Burt.

Now everyone knows.

Burt uploaded the pictures he took during VA’s second Taco Party last Saturday (July 9, 2005). As usual, I arrived late and only intended to eat tacos. I know this was supposed to be a Swimming and Taco Party, and it was announced (but I haven’t heard) that everyone was expected to bring swimwear. Since I did not intend to swim, I didn’t bring a change of clothes.

So, I enjoyed eating tacos. I had to catch up since most of them lost track of the number of tacos they ate after the third one. The guys (I mean the girls) insist on me joining them at the pool. I declined because I did not intend to swim first, and second, I have issues with bodies of water (more of that soon).

A few minutes later, just when I stepped at the side of the pool, they grabbed me and tried to push me into the pool. I protested and told them about my phone and wallet. As soon as I removed the contents of my pockets, I readied myself…


Water everywhere.

After I recovered, I laughed at the experience. I also laughed at the girls who dunked me since they were not around the pool then. They expected me to get angry. Well, I didn’t. But I will get my revenge soon.

Special thanks to Carlo, who lent me his shorts and shirt, and Neil, who helped me dry my stuff.

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Just woke up from blogging hibernation

Whoa! My hibernation took about four months?!? That was long.

For those who are watching this page for an update, thanks for hanging on. Don’t worry. I will post what happened to me for the last four months.

Special mention to Gigi and Allan for encouraging me to update this. I can’t promise to post every day, but I will do my best.

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Nice pictures need not be from nice cameras

Last Saturday evening, I went to a friend’s house to borrow some fantasy books. I decided to expand the genres of my reading list to include fantasy. She showed me her collection of science fiction, fantasy, and romance books, which her family collected for years. One thing that came to my mind when I saw the collection was, “What if I had access to these books when I was still a kid?”

After I decided to borrow four books, we chatted and watched TV, and then the subject went to pictures of the analog and digital kind. She showed me their photos taken with a point-and-shoot camera. The shots were great. Scenes of the shore, sunset, and people were neatly captured. Although some scenes were not that bright, the mood of the place was still captured. I was surprised that the others were taken by just a camera phone in its medium resolution setting. I was impressed.

I think one need not even be a professional to capture a nice picture. One need not have to have a very nice camera (although that is a plus)! We need only to consider a few things. One must know the capabilities and limitations of the camera (be it a very nice digital one, a point-and-shoot one, a camera phone, or a PDA with a camera feature). It’s pointless to have a digital camera but don’t know how to use its features, making the shots turn out like taken by a kid on a point-and-shoot type. Know the camera’s capabilities and exploit them. Know the camera’s limitations and work around them. You must have a good visual sense. Visualize the composition in your mind. This might take some time. And one more thing, have your camera handy. You might never know when a good “Kodak” moment arrive.

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Enterprise cancelled?

Last February 2, 2005, UPN and Paramount announced that Star Trek: Enterprise will be canceled. I just read about it today, and it made me feel sad. Why is it that when the story gets interesting, they decide it will be canceled? I hope this will not be the end of the franchise.

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Intelligence test

Your Dominant Intelligence is Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

You are great at finding patterns and relationships between things.
Always curious about how things work, you love to set up experiments.
You need for the world to make sense – and are good at making sense of it.
You have a head for numbers and math … and you can solve almost any logic puzzle.

You would make a great scientist, engineer, computer programmer, researcher, accountant, or mathematician.

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