A new year… a new hope. Whatever!

After I got over the firecrackers’ eardrum-breaking sounds (not to mention the foul smell), I asked myself, “What now?”

As tradition goes, make a New Year’s resolution. But I lost faith in resolutions over the past few years. I can’t keep even one. So the list is just recycled and recycled and recycled … and, oh, you got the point. It was just plain useless. Then, I decided to make a list. It is not the things that “I will do” but the things that “I did but not doing it anymore.” Strange. Stranger still, there is only one item on the list. Writing.

During my high school days at Sacred Heart School and college days at Lorma Colleges, I enjoyed my classes that involved writing themes, essays, or stories. I also became a member of both schools’ student publications. I missed those times.

I decided to make a weblog to post even a little piece of my writing on it. And this is not for new-year-resolution-tradition-whatever’s sake but for Auld lang syne.

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“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet . . .”
Romeo and Juliet
Act 2 Scene 1, lines 85-86
William Shakespeare (1546-1616)

But according to Kabalarian Philosophy there is. I found this website during college days when I logged-on on the net during a lunch break to entertain myself. (By the way, I am not the chatter type). So this is what my name tell about myself:

The name of Frederick gives you a very individual, reserved, serious nature.

Right… but not always.

You prefer to be alone with your own thoughts, rather than in the company of others.

Some of my friends might agree on this one.

This name restricts spontaneity in association and the fluency of your verbal expression. When you are required to express yourself in personal matters requiring finesse and diplomacy, you feel awkward and embarrassed. Although you realize perfectly well what is expected of you, you are unable to find the right words, and hence you end up saying something inappropriate in a candid way.

I always hate to do the talking. Verbally, that is.

You can express your deeper thoughts and feelings best through writing.

Hmm. I think so.

I presented this site to some of my friends and colleagues. They have some mixed reactions. Though I do not know what their philosophy is about, hey, I have fun reading my name interpretation.

Original URL: http://www.frederickcalica.com/archives/000002.html