Whoa! My hibernation took about four months?!? That was long.

For those who are watching this page for an update, thanks for hanging on. Don’t worry. I will post what happened to me for the last four months.

Special mention to Gigi and Allan for encouraging me to update this. I can’t promise to post every day, but I will do my best.

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Me recovering from the dunk. Photo by Burt.

Now everyone knows.

Burt uploaded the pictures he took during VA’s second Taco Party last Saturday (July 9, 2005). As usual, I arrived late and only intended to eat tacos. I know this was supposed to be a Swimming and Taco Party, and it was announced (but I haven’t heard) that everyone was expected to bring swimwear. Since I did not intend to swim, I didn’t bring a change of clothes.

So, I enjoyed eating tacos. I had to catch up since most of them lost track of the number of tacos they ate after the third one. The guys (I mean the girls) insist on me joining them at the pool. I declined because I did not intend to swim first, and second, I have issues with bodies of water (more of that soon).

A few minutes later, just when I stepped at the side of the pool, they grabbed me and tried to push me into the pool. I protested and told them about my phone and wallet. As soon as I removed the contents of my pockets, I readied myself…


Water everywhere.

After I recovered, I laughed at the experience. I also laughed at the girls who dunked me since they were not around the pool then. They expected me to get angry. Well, I didn’t. But I will get my revenge soon.

Special thanks to Carlo, who lent me his shorts and shirt, and Neil, who helped me dry my stuff.

Original address: http://www.frederickcalica.com/thoughtpatterns/2005/07/12/27/

What would the common people in the Star Trek universe do? This is my take on the background of an Andorian raised by humans. This is a part of Research Station Canarvon, a pen-and-paper RPG for members of Via Astris. This is my first time to join an RPG.

Thanks to Burt for editing my character’s profile.

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