Found a toy
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Beagle is my favorite dog breed. That is if I can have the opportunity to have a pet. You see, my current working set-up does not permit me to have a pet.

I can just only wish. But I can settle with a toy beagle, though.

Let’s just say that my love for beagles is… unrequited.

looking forward

What I am looking forward when I have a break from work and the crowd is having time with my family and with myself. I think I really deserve having one right. After those lengthy and taxing workdays and series of events that I faced the first time, I need sometime to recollect and have a fresh reboot. When I will have that time, I hope that the old and trusty BMX bike can still accompany me during my time of intense reflection along with intense workout.

something new

I just upgraded my LJ account to “Sponsored+” so that I can get more icons!

I also change to a cleaner and visually toned-down layout that currently reflects the state of my mind (or I hope it is). Have a look: icheb.

Life’s Simple Pleasures

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Name five of life’s simple pleasures that you like most, then pick five people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not use things that someone else has already used.

1. Maligo sa ulan… sa bukid.
2. Matulog sa hapon… habang malakas ang ulan (ngunit hindi bumabagyo).
3. Magbasa ng libro… sa duyan… sa ilalim ng puno.
4. Kumain ng pancit bihon… habang nakikipagkwentuhan sa mga kaibigan (ok din kung si ate lang).
5. Manood ng paglubog ng araw… sa beach (mag-isa o kung may kasama… dapat masarap kakwentuhan).

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do not disturb

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There are times that I wanted to be alone. Not to be disturbed by anyone or anything. It would be just me and my thoughts. I guess anyone needs that one time or another.

I just wanted to be alone last Tuesday because I wanted to rest and get better since I did not feel well last Monday afternoon. Somehow, I was always disturbed and I felt bad everytime.

I’ll just sleep it tonight and I hope that I will get that kind of day soon.

the listener

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It started way back high school days. I was and always had been the listener of the group or the barkada. Every once in a while, a friend or classmate approach and ask me something and then it will turn out that they were just wanted to blow off some steam. I understand, so I let them talk about what they were thinking or what they were feeling at that time. Although I cannot give them advice or some encouragement, they said that being there is good enough for them.

It then came a time that it was my turn. I went on looking for someone to listen, someone whom I can vent off some steam. I was glad that someone was there, although that person also needed the same. That conversation, although it lasted for an hour (give or take few minutes) was enlightening to me.

And then, me as a listener is needed again. But this time, I am different, for now I truly understand. Not only that I was there to listen, I was there to share and to gain insight on what they had experienced or felt. I was there not just to listen but to learn.

I think I am growing as a person and for that I am greatful.