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It started way back high school days. I was and always had been the listener of the group or the barkada. Every once in a while, a friend or classmate approach and ask me something and then it will turn out that they were just wanted to blow off some steam. I understand, so I let them talk about what they were thinking or what they were feeling at that time. Although I cannot give them advice or some encouragement, they said that being there is good enough for them.

It then came a time that it was my turn. I went on looking for someone to listen, someone whom I can vent off some steam. I was glad that someone was there, although that person also needed the same. That conversation, although it lasted for an hour (give or take few minutes) was enlightening to me.

And then, me as a listener is needed again. But this time, I am different, for now I truly understand. Not only that I was there to listen, I was there to share and to gain insight on what they had experienced or felt. I was there not just to listen but to learn.

I think I am growing as a person and for that I am greatful.