I received many comments, both on lj and personal, regarding my “fictional” girlfriend Jamie. “Fictional” in the sense that they are from works of “fiction”. And by “comments”… I don’t know… it just became the topic of YM conference.

Next in my string of fictional girldfriends is Ella from the movie Ella Enchanted. Who will not fell in love with Ella?

Ella of Frell, you’re not like other girls.
— Prince Char

Totally agree. She’s honest, full of courage, and she stands up on her principles. Aside from the fact that she will do anything for the sake of her love ones.

By the way, if you see that I will have a “real” girlfriend like her, you might be reading fiction.

I will add more on my list. Just like dekya with his husbands!

… to Jamie Sullivan, a character from the movie A Walk to Remember. If she’s real and I met her, I don’t know what to do. This guy is so torpe for his own good.

Jamie saved my life. She taught me everything. About life, hope, and the long journey ahead. I’ll always miss her. But our love is like the wind. I can’t see it but I can feel it.

posting in taglish naman. its a lazy sunday. walang magawa kaya naka-tune in sa local tv for the fun of it. i just finished watching search for a star in a million na matagal ko na ring hindi napanood. from the start of the show, gusto ko na talagang manalo si lance, who sang “i’ll never go” in the end, na napaka-cool ang boses. for male singers, isa lang ang criteria ko, he must have a cool voice. so far, sina josh groban, rick price, darren hayes (formerly of savage garden) sa international singers, at sina ariel rivera, christian bautista, michael cruz, and gary valenciano sa local singers ang nasa list ko (actually those that i can think of right now). their voice and the types of songs they sing helps me relax and calm. right now, i am playing a josh groban cd.

speaking of lazy sunday… lazy din ang monday ko dahil off duty ako. what to do kaya? mag-thon ulit ako mag-isa ng either battlestar galactica, sliders, o quantum leap. lol.

I will post in the vernacular. Ito ang isa pagkakataon na pumayag ako sa kahilangan ng aking boss na mag-duty sa isang weekend… at sa gabi pa! Pinagbiyan ko naman para matapos na ang proyektong ito na kumakain ng malaking panahon at pagod. Gusto kong maiba naman.

Ok, I will go to work now.

I just had a very rare kind of sleep last night. VA’s quantum physics lesson at pier 1, a mere 2 hours of sleep after that, and a stressful work day makes one poor programmer crave a much deserving rest. The sandman is already luring me at 5pm and after I had my dinner at 6pm and arrived at the dorm at 7pm, I slept like a baby (as one of my room mates told me this morning). With the rain lulling me to sleep, I was fully recharged when I woke up at 7am. Wow, that was a 12-hours! The problem is… another stressful day awaits me.

[EDIT: 08/06/2005 1:22pm. Salamat sa mga OC friends who pointed my big boo-boo.]

A few days ago, someone just saw the playlist of my MP3 player and said, “Pop pala ang lolo”. Well, most of my music can be classified as adult pop, pop rock, pop opera, instrumental, trance, techno, and (believe it or not) techno-classical. Then she (ibubuking ba?) saw songs by Mandy Moore and said, “Signs yata ito, ah!”

I don’t know what she meant by “signs” but she asked me why do I like her. I gave her 5 reasons: (1) She is cute. (2) She got a good singing voice (better than Britney, btw). (3) She is cute. (4) She picked really good songs and sings them well too. And (5) did I just said she’s cute?

She didn’t bothered to say anything about the “signs” again.

silverhakai will borrow my Mandy Moore CDs. Just ask if you want to borrow it too (magkakalat ba ng lagim?).

OMG, I seen those billboards again. You know… the latest billboards for folded and hung and bench. Seeing those guys makes me feel insecure with my body. But my insecurity is only temporary and goes away given a few minutes. I always wanted to go to the gym but there are two reasons why I don’t: (1) I’m not that motivated yet and (2) wala akong kasama.

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