that was a long weekend

I had that kind of weekend again that it seems like just one very long day. Saturday morning, finished burning Miao’s (silverhakai) VCDs. Early saturday afternoon, work related thingies. Late Saturday afternoon, proceeded to Charmed thon where I am late again. Early Saturday evening, dinner at Dencio’s Cubao. Late Saturday evening, just wasted time. Dawn of Sunday, at Gigi’s place eating tacos, more talking, at card read sessions (by Miao of course) using Clow cards. When the sun is up, believe it or not, Sailor Moon live action thon! (Love you Rei!) Afternoon to evening, Harry Potter EB where I got to know the people I am interacting at the PHP Message Boards and served as one of Miao’s suport group. What a day (althought it is technically 2).