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Twitter gets bought by Elon Musk. PEOPLE: Twitter is dying. MASTODON: Move here. There are no ads and we're decentralized. BLUESKY: No, we're better. Founded by Jack Dorsey. Invite-only. FILIPINOS ON FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM AND TIKTOK: 😴😴😴 #Twitter #Facebook #Instagram #Filipinos #Mastodon #BlueSky #SocialMedia #SocialNetwork #Philippines #Asia #TootSea

@jikodesu because local telcos have data offers with these apps.

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Ok #startrek question: would you join with a Trill Symbiote? [ ] Yes [ ] No

@picardsteacup To save the life of a symbiote (or should I say lives) then yes, I would (temporarily, in an emergency, maybe). Their past memories and experiences if better preserved. But, I feel like I will *not* be selected as a good candidate for a host, anyway.

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I’m a sucker for investigative journalism films and have watched both Spotlight and The Post. I’ve just seen She Said and I think that it is as good as those two earlier films. #SheSaid #MovieReaction

@seav I’ve seen Spotlight. Now adding The Post and She Said on my future watchlist (waiting for availability on local streamers).