Watched The Ready Room 7x08 "Tim Russ" from Trakt
Host Wil Wheaton welcomes legacy actor Tim Russ to The Ready Room to discuss his return as the Vulcan Tuvok as well as the conspiracies that threaten to destroy Starfleet from within, in this week's episode of Star Trek: Picard! Plus, go behind-the-scenes of the season's costumes and uncover the dark truths about Project Proteus. Don't miss an exclusive sneak peek at next week's episode, "Surrender."

The Ready Room 7×08 “Tim Russ”

Watched Walker 3x14 "False Flag (1)" from Trakt
Stakes are high as Cordell, Cassie, Captain James and Trey all realize Grey Flag's plans and partnerships extend deeper than they once thought. While the Walkers plan for the Mayor's Medal Ceremony, Cordell struggles with missing out on time with his kids as he focuses on trying to keep the whole city safe.

Walker 3×14 “False Flag (1)”

Watched The Equalizer 3x13 "Patriot Game" from Trakt
After an operative kills all but one of the employees at a marine biology research group, McCall and the team join forces with Colton Fisk when they discover a connection between the murders and a secret CIA program he was involved in.

The Equalizer 3×13 “Patriot Game”

Watched CSI: Vegas 2x17 "The Promise" from Trakt
When the body of a young girl who was killed over 40 years ago is discovered at the bottom of Lake Mead, Max Roby promises her mother, Raquel Williams, that the CSI team will finally find justice for her daughter. Also, Greg Sanders brings his quirky humor as he returns to the crime lab.

CSI: Vegas 2×17 “The Promise”