Bookmarked NCIS: Los Angeles 8x07 "Crazy Train" (Trakt)
After an NSA analyst is found eaten by a shark, the team's investigation leads them to a cartel's money-laundering scheme and sends Callen into a mental asylum to find a key witness; Kensi struggles with her therapy.

I just watched NCIS: Los Angeles 8×07 "Crazy Train" #trakt

Bookmarked Hawaii Five-0 7x07 "Ka makuahine a me ke keikikane (Mother and Son)" (Trakt)
Five-0 must free McGarrett's mother, Doris, when Catherine informs them that she was captured and is about to be executed after attempting to free Wo Fat's imprisoned father. Also, Chin loses his appeal to have Sara's adoption delayed, and she must move to Mexico.

I just watched Hawaii Five-0 7×07 "Ka makuahine a me ke keikikane (Mother and Son)" #trakt

Bookmarked MacGyver 1x07 "Can Opener" (Trakt)
MacGyver is tasked to go undercover as an inmate in a maximum security prison to break out El Noche, a notorious drug kingpin, using only batteries and salt, and track him to his cartel's secret location and dismantle it.

I just watched MacGyver 1×07 "Can Opener" #trakt

Bookmarked FBI 2x12 "Hard Decisions" (Trakt)
A bank holdup leads the team to a safe deposit box, the contents of which have the potential to destroy national security; Kristen is eager to get back into field work while other team members still have their concerns.

I just watched FBI 2×12 "Hard Decisions" #trakt

Bookmarked Star Trek: Picard 3x05 "Imposters" (Trakt)
Caught by Starfleet and facing court martial, paranoia grows as Picard struggles to uncover whether a prodigal crewman from his past has returned as an ally – or an enemy hellbent on destroying them all.

I just watched Star Trek: Picard 3×05 "Imposters" #trakt

Bookmarked Hawaii Five-0 7x06 "Ka hale ho'okauweli (House of Horrors)" (Trakt)
On Halloween, Five-0 investigates the murder of a medium with a checkered past who was apparently scared to death by a poltergeist. Also, Kono and Adam are kidnapped by what appears to be a death cult.

I just watched Hawaii Five-0 7×06 "Ka hale ho’okauweli (House of Horrors)" #trakt

Bookmarked Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 18x08 "Chasing Theo" (Trakt)
A 6 year-old boy disappears from his bed in the midst of a wild, drug-fueled party thrown by his mother. With a child's life on the line, the case causes Benson to scrutinize her own role as a mother.

I just watched Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 18×08 "Chasing Theo" #trakt