I have more than one home base stay there for months at a time. If #Netflix will block my access when I change location, I’ll probably just drop the service instead.

Context: https://sea.ign.com/netflix-1/194903/news/netflix-unveils-plans-to-prevent-password-sharing

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Yesterday I bought a ~$1500 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro. My 7-year-old Linux machine wasn’t cutting it for the Android+iOS mobile dev work which I needed for the new job that I got. I was provided an older 2019 MBP in my previous job and I’ve gotten used to its size and weight so decided to invest on a MacBook of my own.

P.S. I’m so glad to be finally using a proper scissor keyboard as opposed to whatever the hell was that butterfly keyboard that Apple used.

#Apple #macOS #Macbook #MacBookPro

Congrats on your new job!