I will be passing a life\’s kilometer mark (yup I love the metric system) in about 7 days. So… I will open this blog post for information that you wanted to know about me and not just random facts about me that you might not care about or TMI (too much information).

Post a reply to this post with a number and your question that you want me to answer. Please make your question brief and clear. I will reply to you questions but only for the first 30 numbered questions or until the end of 7 days.

So… what do you want to know?

It is vital to remember that information β€” in the sense of raw data β€” is not knowledge, that knowledge is not wisdom, and that wisdom is not foresight. But information is the first essential step to all of these.

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke
(16 December 1917 – 19 March 2008)


PhotobucketToday is Pi Day! What I mean is Pi the number not Pie the food. Pi is the ratio of the a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The day is selected based on the value of pi after 2 decimal places which is 3.14.

Why I celebrate it when it is just for the geeks? Duh, I am one of them.

Did you know that according to the novel Contact by Carl Sagan, there is a hidden message in pi on base 11?

Don’t forget to eat your pie today!

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photo by martiniko (cc-by-2.0)