Watched Taxi Driver 1x02 Do Ki Meets Ju Chan from Trakt
Do Ki manages to sneak into Ju Chan’s factory and even puts in an order for their food products. As Do Ki and his team carry out the investigation, they realize that Ju Chan did not only abused disabled workers but also committed frauds to embezzle more money. Meanwhile, Ha Na finds the deluxe taxi Cho Do Chul took but it was all burnt down.

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Watched The Time Traveler's Wife 1x03 from Trakt
After meeting her soulmate at age six, Clare laments a linear lifetime defined by waiting for Henry’s unpredictable appearances. Meanwhile, an incident at a high school party finds a distraught teenage Clare turning to Henry for help.

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Watched Taxi Driver 1x01 Do You Want to Take Revenge from Trakt
Do Ki picks Cho Do-chul up with his taxi and disappears. Maria, a girl from an orphanage attempts to commit suicide from Han River Bridge, and Do Ki comes and saves her. He listens to her tragic story and decides to help her. Meanwhile, Ha Na tries to find where Cho Do-chul went to and realizes that there is something weird about the deluxe taxi he was in.

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Leanne in Japan 🍜 Japan Travel shared a post on Instagram: "Do you procrastinate? This cafe is for you! β˜•οΈ Manuscript Writing Cafe in Tokyo makes sure you get your work done by the deadline. Just pick how many times they should check on you per hour, and what level of pressure to put on you (low-high). Price is charged per hour and you have unlimited coffee and water during this time. Snacks are supplied at no extra cost. Would this cafe help YOU get work done?! #japan #japancafe #cafe #manuscriptwritingcafe". Follow their account to see 31 posts.

πŸ”– Anti-procrastination cafe

Watched The Flight Attendant 1x03 Funeralia from Trakt
Upon landing in Rome, Cassie deals with her sudden feelings of loss, and Megan confesses that she has secrets of her own. Back in New York, Cassie doubles down on finding Miranda by unceremoniously crashing Alex’s memorial service. Searching for intel on the Sokolovs, Annie ambushes Alex’s former colleague Sabrina and calls in a favor with a client.

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Watched NCIS: Hawai'i 1x22 Ohana from Trakt
Captain Milius continues to work with Tennant and her team in the aftermath of the prisoner exchange between U.S. and eastern Europe. Also, Whistler takes Ernie's advice and makes a grand gesture in the hope of winning back Lucy.

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