Watched The Good Fight 5x06 And the two partners had a fight... from Trakt
When Reddick/Lockhart associates start posting anonymous hate messages about Julius and Diane on a new interoffice app, Diane's name partner position at the firm is once again questioned. At home, Diane grapples with her marriage after learning Kurt is considering a job offer from the NRA. Meanwhile, Wackner goes to real court to have his approach and sanity questioned.
Watched The Good Fight 5x08 And the dΓ©tente had an end... from Trakt
Julius fights to defend himself in Wackner's court in a surreal and harrowing effort to reclaim his car...and his dignity-all because of an alleged parking violation. Meanwhile, after focus group feedback threatens to sink Del Cooper's reality show about Wackner, both Marissa and Wackner embrace different tactics to help revive the court
Watched The Good Fight 5x09 And the end was violent... from Trakt
Liz and Diane struggle to get David Lee and the Dubai overlords to accept the new name partner, Allegra Jurado. Oscar Rivi attempts to make his cannabis business legitimate, but realizes that the corporate world can be just as cut-throat as his own. When the justice system fails to detain and prevent a man from continually committing anti-Asian hate crime, the cops discover another way for justice -- Wackner's court.
Watched The Good Fight 5x10 And the violence spread... from Trakt
In the season five finale, it's too many courts and too little time for the folks at Reddick/Lockhart. Marissa is mounting a strong defense in Vinetta's court for Matteo, while Diane attempts to get an interview with him in order to spring Matteo from court. Carmen, Liz, and Allegra defend drug dealer, Oscar Rivi, as prosecutors attempt to put him back in prison.
Watched The Good Fight 6x02 The End of the Yips from Trakt
As Diane encounters her first "therapy" session, she begins to see everything in a positive light. After agreeing to participate in a student project about Black female attorneys, Liz must find a way to prevent an unfair takedown of her reputation. Eli Gold returns to help Marissa in court.

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