I don’t know but I want to experience 80s/90s life. — If you can live without your mobile phone and internet connection, then go! https://lap78.ask.fm/igoto/45DKECPW7B667HQMHN2IG6NM62FDLKAYZXZ6VG5HDP4LNPPKSF3JWZSMFNBMAQBSKS5LSUS4FQXGKFAS2EQ343F2K32KXEBGWQVANDTCBV2TQGPRDDNSSJPDQORN7QRLTCVYIFQUT7GGNGN2J2LAMXDC7HFHNLEIZDTUZPCYYDZY2SG4A5WFRRPR6BB3L5OOYN6A====


What are you plans for your next holidays? — The next one is The Holy Week/Easter and it seems like I will spend it again at home because of the rising cases of Covid in the country 🇵🇭. https://curiouscat.qa/icheb/post/1197930833