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@rgsunico tagged me with “purple”:

1) Hawkeye
2) Galactus
3) Psylocke
4) Wonder Woman as Star Sapphire https://t.co/PPJNf1wgQc


RT @ABSCBNNews: In compliance with the NTC order, ABS-CBN goes off-air on all TV and radio stations nationwide.

ABS-CBN News remains commi…


@rgsunico It is better to set aside payment for the yearly subscription every month that to pay credit card interests and other fees. My budget is mostly on auto pilot now.


What song can’t you stop listening to? β€” Not into one particular song right now but I am currently enjoing Spotify’s “Lo-Fi Beats” playlist. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DWWQRwui0ExPn?si=BSlFmo7qSiOx32ZdP… https://curiouscat.qa/icheb/post/1093271478