If you could choose any talent that you could have, what would it be? β€” Any talent that involves music like singing or playing musical instruments. Music entertains and relaxes me. https://curiouscat.qa/icheb/post/1104089317

Most niche-use gadget you love having? β€” A wooden back scratcher. The relief you get while not disturbing anyone or making a fool of yourself on a wall. Haha. https://curiouscat.qa/icheb/post/1103635243

Given the many facets of queer culture and how it’s obviously not universal, what stereotypical queer inter… β€” Fashion down to its minutiae. https://curiouscat.qa/icheb/post/1101524510

What is something that you’re looking forward to? β€” Travel outside the Philippines on my own again. Plans got derailed because of the public health emergency. https://curiouscat.qa/icheb/post/1103855399

What sort/s of questions do you prefer receiving here? β€” The beauty of these Q&A sites is you can pick and choose which questions to answer. A generic yes/no question is not appealing though. https://curiouscat.qa/icheb/post/1100232925