So, after weeks of being absent on my own blog. I am back. Yipee.

So, what did you miss? None. Really!


  1. I was very tied up on my projects.
  2. One of our project sites crashed due to a virus attack.
  3. The third anniversary of Via Astris.
  4. I joined the Stargate: Atlantis Philippines e-group, though I failed to appear on the group’s β€œthon.”
  5. Watched some films (both good and bad!).
  6. Some other things I forget.

I’ll try to get this blog updated next time.

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I was still in shock when I browsed Wikipedia today.

Christopher Reeve, the star of the β€œSuperman” movies whose near-fatal riding accident nine years ago turned him into a worldwide advocate for spinal cord research, died Sunday of heart failure, his publicist said. He was 52.

Reeve fell into a coma Saturday after going into cardiac arrest while at his New York home, his publicist, Wesley Combs, told The Associated Press by phone from Washington, D.C., on Sunday night. [CNN].

He was one of my all-time favorite actors in my childhood when I watched the Superman movies. I was so excited when I saw him as a guest star on the current Superman series, Smallville, and I hoped I would see him more there. He will be missed by everyone, including his fans, including me.

… soar high and touch the sky…

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