I think it was the next logical step and I was right. It was time to let everything go. And there I was, clutching my coffee, thinking. After some silence, I started to listen, to answer, to explain, to confirm, with laughing and talking in between.

I’ve made it obvious
So finally I’ll sing it
(I’ve crushed on you so long)
I’m not so good with words
And since you never notice
The way that we belong
I’ll say it in a love song.

“Obvious” by Westlife

During the talk, I found out that I was noticed. It turned out that I was the one who missed it. And then I was asked what I really want… I was stumped. I didn’t know how to say it. I really wanted to say it right… I’m not so good with words. It took a long walk and I counted hours before I finally gave up and said it anyway. And I meant every word of it. Having said and done… I now know what I really feel… what I really think… what I need to hear… what I really wanted.

I know I… we… need more time. I’ll be fine.