when icheb met dex and dierdre, ichibu and chichibi came out and play. to know how that went, ask for the transcript of VBYC Nov. 25, 2005 edition.

the following is my explanation as to who these personalities are and why.


J (6:48:19 PM): thanks po… ang kulit ha, patulan ba ang kahibangan ni dex? :))
I (6:48:50 PM): i need to vent my stress kasi.
J (6:50:46 PM): ah, of course…
J (6:51:41 PM): feel better?
I (6:52:31 PM): yeah. but those two personalities did become real at one time or another.
J (6:53:54 PM): :-O
I (6:54:22 PM): well… when poor icheb got too drunk.
J (6:56:35 PM): again — :-O
I (6:57:00 PM): you read that right.
J (7:10:10 PM): how intriguing… can i ask about them?
I (7:13:38 PM): there are two possible (but not limited to) personalities when i am drunk and my defenses and inhibitions are down:
I (7:13:41 PM): too assertive >> ichibu
I (7:13:55 PM): or too loud >> chichibi
J (7:16:10 PM): ok, i understand the loud personality… happens to a lot of people… but the assertive part…
J (7:16:10 PM): isn\’t that part of your normal self?
I (7:16:41 PM): that is not the normal me.
I (7:16:51 PM): OSG remember?
J (7:17:23 PM): ah, yes… almost forgot 😀
I (7:17:43 PM): unless provoked that is.
I (7:17:49 PM): or necessary.
J (7:19:50 PM): and are you provoked often?
I (7:20:26 PM): fortunately not that often.
J (7:21:42 PM): hmmm… can\’t imagine you getting provoked…
I (7:22:28 PM): you can\’t imagine the personalities fighting for dominance.
J (7:24:41 PM): and they only get to come out and play when you overindulge in alcohol… tsk, tsk too bad for them 🙂
I (7:25:03 PM): too bad for them.
I (7:25:44 PM): although recently, i\’m enjoying them (personalities) being harmonious with each other.
J (7:26:42 PM): oh? how come? what happened recently?
I (7:28:07 PM): more of like they are merging.
I (7:28:56 PM): what happened recently… i don\’t know.
I (7:29:00 PM): 😀
J (7:30:53 PM): ah okay… as long you\’re happy… all of you 😀
I (7:31:56 PM): hey, these personalities are still me. 😀