A few days ago, someone just saw the playlist of my MP3 player and said, “Pop pala ang lolo”. Well, most of my music can be classified as adult pop, pop rock, pop opera, instrumental, trance, techno, and (believe it or not) techno-classical. Then she (ibubuking ba?) saw songs by Mandy Moore and said, “Signs yata ito, ah!”

I don’t know what she meant by “signs” but she asked me why do I like her. I gave her 5 reasons: (1) She is cute. (2) She got a good singing voice (better than Britney, btw). (3) She is cute. (4) She picked really good songs and sings them well too. And (5) did I just said she’s cute?

She didn’t bothered to say anything about the “signs” again.

silverhakai will borrow my Mandy Moore CDs. Just ask if you want to borrow it too (magkakalat ba ng lagim?).