happy times, happy days, happy nights…

OMG! Got tagged by silverhakai!

List 10 things that give you a moment of joy and happiness and tag 6 of your friends to do the same.

1. Ice cold coffee!

2. Conversation with friends either face-to-face or through IM, SMS or e-mail.

3. Reading a good novel.

4. Watching a movie (sci fi or romantic comedy) either alone or with friends.

5. Sleep (the longer the better).

6. Eating/gimik with friends.

7. Buying something for myself.

8. Knowing that a piece of advise actually worked.

9. Spending sometime with my nieces.

10. A break at work.

yehey my turn to tag:

angelgin, blurredlights, dekya, maigaray, prudenceolivia, slvrdlphn ( sorry if someone already tagged you )

( or to anyone who wants to do this )