something from lois and clark

When I got my own DVD copy of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 1, one scene stuck on my head.

Here is the dialogue.

Clark: When I thought about losing my job at the Daily Planet…
Clark: saying good-bye to Perry and Jimmy and everyone…
Clark: I realized…
Clark: I realized I could lose all that and still go on.
Clark: I realized that there was only one thing that I didn’t wanna live without.
Clark: And that was you.
Clark: Seeing you every day, working with you, just being with you—
Lois: That’s why you should come and be my partner.
Clark: No, Lois, listen to me.
Clark: I’m not talking about the partnership. I’m talking about us.
Clark: I have been in love with you for a long time.
Clark: You had to have known.
Lois: I knew.
Lois: I guess I knew that you liked me or were attracted to me.
Lois: Clark, I’m sorry.
Lois: I just don’t feel that way about you, romantically.
Lois: You’re my best friend…
Lois: … and the only partner I could ever stand to work with.
Lois: I admire you and I respect you and I do love you…
Lois: as a friend.

When I was playing the Thousand-And-One Scenario in my mind sometime ago, one of the scenes is a variation of the Lois and Clark scene. I guess I’m just watching too much TV.

‘Nuff said.