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Any decent boss or manager attempts to lessen the blow of work by providing some sort of perk for coming into the office. Free beverages or snacks, a break room with a pretty television, company outings, or even picking up lunch for the office once in a while. While those tend to be the perks for we common folk, giant tech companies usually do their employees one better. From Google’s legendary cafeteria, to Facebook’s leather repair service, tech giants seem like a pretty nice place to work. If you’re curious, or want to be made jealous for a bit and start daydreaming about what it’d be like to get out of that cubicle in the office that doesn’t even allow you to put up a life-size cardboard David Tennant, head on past the break and infographically learn the wonders tech giant perks.

👨‍💻 says apply na sa google!

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