Time travel fascination

I was and always have been fascinated with the possibility of time travel. The ability to revisit past events and the thrill of peaking at a possible future always make my imagination go. I always find myself attracted to fictional characters with this ability or access to machines or artifacts that allow them to travel.

But is it possible?

If it is possible in my lifetime, would I travel? When? Upstream or downstream? Would I visit and view passively or interact with my timeline? And what about the possibilities of paradoxes? Exciting.

There is a possibility that I have done it and will do it. What the hell? I hate tenses when time travel is involved. People claimed (not definite, though) that I was spotted somewhere, but I am sure I was not there. Or I may be there but doing something else entirely. A doppelgรคnger, maybe. A time-traveling self I like to be.

Fine, fine. I miss this fictional character traveling in a blue box across time and space. Fantastic!

Featured image: “Kanazawa Station Clock” byย Rei, used under the CC-BY-SA-3.0ย license, from Wikimedia Commons

: https://ericcubed.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/time-travel-fascination/

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