Recently, I have seen to it that most of my digital notes and photos (and articles in the future if I am inclined) start or have copies here on my self-hosted microblog.

Here is my current social media posting flow:

  • Swarm check-ins are automatically reposted here.
  • BeReal posts are manually re-posted here.
  • Notes and images are automatically posted on Twitter and Plurk.
  • Twitter is mirrored on
  • Notes related to my media consumption are reposted automatically on Tumblr.
  • Notes and images that may interest my family and friends are manually reposted on Facebook.
  • Selected images are manually reposted on Instagram.

Why am I still posting on these different sites? I have reasons: I still like the service (Swarm), it has potential (Mastodon, BeReal), and the people I know are still there (Tumblr [reactivated], Plurk [reactivated, looks abandoned though], Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

I am still thinking of how to integrate my reading logs and notes from Goodreads though.

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  • Frederick Calica