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Therafind shared a post on Instagram: “I was stuck in freeze mode a very long time. Getting out of it isn’t easy, but it’s important to start slow & focus on one day at a time.

Freeze is a coping mechanism we develop as a way to get through challenging or traumatic experiences. Freeze is often a response our body enters as a way to protect ourselves from feeling the pain and suffering.

Some therapy approaches believe that in order to exit freeze you have to enter into a fight or flight. In every case, you need to find a way to get back into your body and ground yourself.

Some tips include:
– Slowly getting yourself out of isolation, connecting with your support system even if it’s starts with a text message or phone call
– Bringing yourself back to present moment, you can use ice or cold water to do this when you’re dissociating
– Try to identify your emotions even if you’re struggling with feeling them in moments you feel dissociated
– Breathing & relaxation techniques


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πŸ”– Are you actually relaxing?

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