What is the scariest thing that you have seen in your bedroom? — Not my bedroom but in a shared room: saw an “apparition” on the bed with my roommate. After that he asked me if I saw it too. Not scared but I had goosebumps. https://lap78.ask.fm/igoto/45DKECPW7B667HQMHN2IG6NM62FDLKAYZXZ6VG5HDP4LNPPKSFYZOYCHFZBMARBTL25LSUS4FQXGKFAS2EQ343F2K32KXEBGWQVANDTCBV2TQGPRDDNSSJPDQORN7QRLTCVYIFQUT7GGNGN2J2LAMXDC7HFHNLEIZDTUZPCYYDZY2SG4A5WFRRPR6BB3L5OOYN6A====

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