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r/AskReddit What technology are you shocked has not advanced yet? BEST COMMENTS Regulatorycapture • 4h it 1 Award The legal code. Computer programmers have come up with beautiful collaborative change tracking systems (like git) that let you easily make changes to a huge base of code, track who changed what, submit and resolve conflicting versions of updates, etc. But when we pass a new bill that replaces or modifies an old law, it is always some 300 page document with pages of "Subsection F Paragraph 3 will be modified to read 'XYZ" Why not put the laws into a git repository and make it easy for bills to just modify the existing history to say what you want it to say? And why not have the transparency to see exactly what changes and WHO implemented that change? Want to slip some pork for your district into an unrelated bill? Well, that edit is going to have your name on it Of course it will never happen.