just like real clutter, my online clutter is piling up and it is becoming overwhelming: bookmarks in browser, google bookmarks, delicious,Β google reader, google notebook, work and personal emails, mailing lists, multiply, facebook, friendster, twitter, and plurk to name a few. i started to consolidate and delete redundancies. i also started reviewing everything i kept for so long, deleting those that are not relevant anymore or haven\’t read for a long time. it will take some time so please understand if i don\’t reply to any plurks or multiply posts or yahoo messages in the next few days… it would be either i\’m busy with my work or clearing my online clutter.

image by YellowDog (flickr/CC-BY-SA-2.0)

0 thoughts on “my online clutter must go

  1. Which reminds me.I have about two years worth of missed online life and catching up to do.Which includes cleaning up such clutter as mentioned above.Shyet. +__+

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