2013 reading goals

share a #virtualbeer with me. via bluemask2099
share a #virtualbeer with me. via bluemask2099

Over at Goodreads, I gave myself another reading challenge. Last year, I challenged myself to read 12 books but read 20 instead. This year, I am raising it to 25. I think that is manageable. I plan to read at least two books a month, with 1 โ€œthickโ€ book I might not finish in a month.

Why such a low number as compared to other readers? I am a โ€œslowโ€ reader. I usually read for pleasure. For that, my reading speed is almost equal to my speaking speed.

Over at Meannโ€™s blog (The Girl Who Reads and Other Stories), she asked for specific reading goals. (By the way, she is currently running a book giveaway.) Here is mine:

For the rest, any book from my TBR list. Most of it I bought from The Kindle Daily Deal (for e-books) or Booksale (for paperbacks).

: http://promdigeek.blogspot.com/2013/01/2013-reading-goals.html

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