So my new year started uneventful. Probably because it falls on Maundy Thursday where it is almost somber everywhere. But I do hope the rest of the my new year would be different.

So what would my new year entails? I don’t dare to speculate because I don’t want to jinx any good things that may come before me. But there are things that I should do (or start) this year.

Credit cards Français : Cartes de crédit Itali...
Credit cards Français : Cartes de crédit Italiano: Carte di credito Русский: Банковские карты Tiếng Việt: Thẻ tín dụng 中文: 信用卡 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For finances, I am already training myself on managing it. Paid my one of my credit cards already. The other one, I set a plan of paying it down without incurring too much interest. I am disciplining myself of treating my credit cards like a debit card so that I will fall to the debt trap again. I may have to increase my income, either my taking a side job or switching full-time job.

I may not get fit this year but I really need to get started. So I do hope to get my a** off and start moving. I also need to get a physical check-up just in case. Diabetes runs in the family.

I also want to go on a vacation this year. A full one-week break would be nice.

I can’t think more things to do at this time. Will post some soon.

PS: Yes, I am that old but for me it is just a number.

Featured image by Joey Gannon, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.