Four-legged companion in my mind

For days now, I am thinking of having a pet. But before getting one, I have questions. Big questions.

English: A pet dog that I found
English: A pet dog that I found (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Am I in the right state of mind and emotion to have a pet. It is a big commitment. Am I willing to have this pet in my life for the next 15 or so years (assuming it is a dog or cat). Can I take care of this β€œbaby”… give it food, shelter, affection, protection that it needs from me.

Is my apartment the right fit for a pet? What would my roommates react to a pet around the apartment? How about the neighbors? How about if I go to work, would the animal stay in the apartment alone until I return? What if I will be assigned on the field, who will take care of the pet?

Pet cat Matahari in gestation(52 days)
Pet cat Matahari in gestation(52 days) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should I get a dog or a cat? A big one or a small one? Can it live in a small space? How much exercise does it need? Pet food, how much? Vet bills, definitely.

If I can’t have a dog or cat, how about fish? Can I have an aquarium in the apartment? How much would it cost installing and maintaining it? Which aquatic creatures should I get?

Too many questions! This will occupy my mind for many days to come.

Featured image: “HAZE & CHARA 2013-10-01 22-00”Β by Lori724, licensed underΒ CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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